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Welcome to Chapman McAlpine Law, a compassionate, solution-focused and committed family law firm in Barrie.

Kara-Lynne Chapman and Allison McAlpine founded Chapman McAlpine Law as a caring law firm that is approachable and affordable. Allison and Kara strive to practice the ART of Family Law:


We are resourceful and flexible and will do our best to keep your costs affordable. Ask us about alternative ways to work with you so that costs remain within your budget.


We are staunch advocates who will provide you with sound, reasonable advice. We also know from experience that when dealing with other parties, an attitude of “determined reasonableness” can be very effective in reaching your goals.


We will always tell you the truth. We are committed to honesty and transparency throughout the whole process.

Our Team

“Kara-Lynne Chapman and Allison R. McAlpine founded Chapman McAlpine Law with the goal of providing an affordable, reasonable and truthful approach to Family Law. Kara-Lynne and Allison pride themselves on offering an approachable office atmosphere where clients can feel comfortable communicating with their lawyer about their most personal and difficult issues and also trust the advice they receive. Kara-Lynne and Allison have a combined 18 years of legal experience and clients can be confident that they are receiving direct, and reasonable advice in relation to their Family Law, Separation and Divorce issues. Barry Chapman and Paul Hartwell, the clerks at Chapman McAlpine Law, strive to assist clients in a professional yet compassionate way.”


Family Law Services

Child Custody & Access

“Custody” refers to certain decision-making regarding children, while “access” refers to each parent’s physical time with the children.


Child Support & Spousal Support

Child support refers to the amount payable by one parent to the other for the support of a child, while spousal support refers to the amount payable from one spouse to the other for the support of the recipient spouse.


Matrimonial Home

The matrimonial home is given special treatment in the area of family law. A matrimonial home is the property that two married spouses lived in which, at the time of separation, a spouse had an interest in and was ordinarily occupied by the spouses as their family residence.


Separation Agreements & Parenting Agreements

Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating and drafting legal Separation and Parenting Agreements for our clients dealing with all issues in a family law case.


Representation in Court

Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients at each stage of the court process in a family law case. There are multiple stages in a typical family law case.


Limited Scope Retainers

Limited Scope Retainers refer to a cost-effective alternative to full representation by a lawyer. This is an “a la carte” type of legal representation where you choose which aspects of your case you would like your lawyer to represent you on or provide you with advice for.



Divorce refers to the legal dissolution of a marriage. At Chapman McAlpine Law, we handle divorce-only cases on a competitive flat-fee basis. Obtaining a Divorce is relatively straight forward if all of the other issues have been dealt with in a separation agreement (e.g., custody/access, support and property issues).


Property Division

The laws differ for property division for married spouses (equalization) and common-law spouses. The law for equalization is governed by statute, whereas the law for common-law spouses is based on equitable claims made by case-law (judge-made law).


Resolutions Options

There are various options in family law to resolve your case. The legal costs differ with each option as each option requires more or less involvement from your lawyer than the other options. Whichever option you choose your lawyer can assist you in finalizing your case with a court order or agreement.



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