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Divorce refers to the legal dissolution of a marriage. As a divorce lawyer in Barrie Ontario, we handle divorce-only cases on a competitive flat-fee or hourly basis depending on the situation. 

Obtaining a divorce is relatively straightforward if all of the other issues have been dealt with in a separation agreement (e.g., custody/access, support, and property issues).

Sometimes during a divorce, one party may want to raise property issues that were not previously dealt with in the separation agreement. This would be the case if either party acquired property during or after the time of separation, or for any other reason wanted to bring in new property issues.

A Qualified Barrie Divorce Lawyers will know what disclosures you need and when you need them, based on your specific situation and Family Law matter. Our law practice has extensive experience in helping clients navigate the process associated with resolving their property claims. We will work diligently and strategically within the bounds of the law and Court Rules for your best possible outcome.

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Kara-Lynne Chapman founded Chapman McAlpine Law with the goal of providing an Approachable, reasonable and truthful approach to Barrie family lawyer.

We offer an approachable office atmosphere where clients can feel comfortable communicating about their most personal and difficult issues.


Family Law Services

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“Custody” refers to certain decision-making regarding children, while “access” refers to each parent’s physical time with the children.

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Child support refers to the amount payable by one parent to the other for the support of a child, while spousal support refers to the amount payable from one spouse to the other for the support of the recipient spouse.

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The matrimonial home is given special treatment in the area of family law. A matrimonial home is the property that two married spouses lived in which, at the time of separation, a spouse had an interest in and was ordinarily occupied by the spouses as their family residence.

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Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating and drafting legal Separation and Parenting Agreements for our clients dealing with all issues in a family law case.

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The laws differ for property division for married spouses (equalization) and common-law spouses. The law for equalization is governed by statute, whereas the law for common-law spouses is based on equitable claims made by case-law (judge-made law).

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Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients at each stage of the court process in a family law case. There are multiple stages in a typical family law case.


We Offer Limited Scope Retainers.

Some people choose to represent themselves in a legal matter, believing they either do not need, or cannot afford, full service legal representation by a lawyer. Depending on your circumstances and the complexities of your legal matter, you may be able to hire us to assist you with only certain parts of your case. These specific “one-off” service(s) would be defined under a written agreement called a “Limited Scope Retainer” that clearly states what we will (and will not) do.

Helping You Reach Ideal Resolution Agreements.

There are various options in family law to resolve your case. The legal costs differ with each option as each option requires more or less involvement from your lawyer than the other options. Whichever option you choose your lawyer can assist you in finalizing your case with a court order or agreement.

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Talk to a family lawyer today.

If you are considering getting a divorce or annulment, it’s best to talk to a Barrie Divorce Lawyers first.

A family lawyer can help you with the process of ending your marriage and any related issues, such as custody of children and division of assets. They’ll also be able to advise you on what the process will look like from start to finish.

In Canada, divorce can only be granted by a court after one year has passed from when you file for a legal separation.

An annulment vs divorce is a common way to end an unwanted marriage that may have occurred due to fraud, bigamy or being forced into marriage without full knowledge or consent. Annulments can also be used in cases where marriages have been deemed invalid due to mental illness, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you married or if one of the partners has been judged incapable to consent.

If you are considering an annulment, it is best to speak with a Barrie Divorce Lawyers today about what your options are.


Family Lawyers For Men

You may be eligible for a divorce if you have lived separate and apart from your spouse for more than one year OR if there is adultery, cruelty or desertion by your spouse that has made it impossible to continue living together. You must prove these reasons exist before filing for divorce (unless you were married less than 90 days when you separate).

If you want more information about filing for annulment or getting divorce lawyers in Barrie today, contact us.

A divorce is a legal process that terminates a marriage. A legal separation, on the other hand, does not terminate a marriage but it allows spouses to live separate and apart while remaining legally married.

To get a divorce you must have been separated from your spouse for at least one year or prove adultery, cruelty or desertion by your former partner has made living together impossible. Legal separation is different from divorce in ontario that the spouses continue to be married until they have been living separate and apart for one year without fault of their partner.

Legal separation can also be used in cases where marriages have been deemed invalid due to mental illness, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you married or if one of the partners has been judged incapable to consent.

If you are considering an annulment, it is best to speak with a Barrie Family Lawyers today about what your options are.

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“This team is incredible. I spent time with both Allison and Kara to deal through my issues and they were both very professional, to the point and made resolving the issues in the best possible interest for me. Paul was most courteous and helpful in helping me understand the process of my case. Would definitely recommend them.”​
Sylvie D.​
"Kara-Lynne is determined, motivated and very compassionate. Her knowledge on family law is extensive. She works hard for her clients. She successfully helped me receive what was best for my children. I was awarded more than I originally thought I would; which was a huge relief."
Katherine M.
"I am very thankful that I found Allison. She listened with compassion, provided sound advice and was very proactive in getting resolution to a difficult situation. Working with Allison was absolutely life changing. I highly recommend Allison and her staff."
Barb F.

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