Limited Scope Retainers


Limited Scope Retainers

Some people choose to represent themselves in a legal matter, believing they either do not need, or cannot afford, full service legal representation by a lawyer.

Depending on your circumstances and the complexities of your legal matter, you may be able to hire us to assist you with only certain parts of your case. These specific “one-off” service(s) would be defined under a written agreement called a “Limited Scope Retainer” that clearly states what we will (and will not) do. For example:

•  You can consult with us to prepare or review your paperwork, but attend the hearing yourself;

•  You can represent yourself through the whole case, and periodically consult us to coach you on the law, procedures and strategy;

•  You can do the preparation yourself and hire us just to make the court appearance for you;

•  You may want to do your own investigation of the facts and ask us to assist you in putting the information in a format which is useful to the court;


It’s important to thoroughly discuss all aspects of your case (even those which you think are simple) with us before deciding which parts you want to do yourself and which ones we will assist you with.

Some areas of the law are extremely technical and it is rare for non-lawyers to effectively handle them. Also, there could be important issues presented by your case that you may not even be aware of that could pose serious legal risk.

Sometimes new issues will pop up after your case is started. If they do, it is important to advise us so that you know the potential legal consequences to you.

Remember we can only advise you on matters you tell us about, so it is essential that you provide complete information about your case.

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