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We are Divorce Lawyers in Barrie. We Listen.

We understand that going through a divorce is a very difficult situation. Whether you initiated the separation or not, either way, a divorce is difficult emotionally and financially and divorce lawyer Barrie understands it.

A divorce can have an emotional effect on you and your children, especially if the split is from a long-term relationship. We at divorce Lawyer Barrie attempt to create a comfortable environment, so that you feel free to discuss your situation with us in detail.

Our team of Divorce Lawyers Barrie is committed to representing clients throughout Simcoe County, including Barrie, Collingwood, Orillia and surrounding areas. Our Barrie Family Lawyer help you through the divorce process while working with you to make sure your interests are looked after.

With our legal advice based on years of experience in family law litigation, we can provide reports regarding child custody arrangements, spousal support (or alimony) and property ownership. We give you peace of mind that your personal interests are represented.

Our divorce lawyers will help you through the legal process by preparing all necessary documents, representing you during negotiations for settlement offers between both parties, dealing with the courts to ensure the necessary documentation is signed by a judge at court hearings.

Let us help you through this

Having helped many clients successfully navigate the divorce process, we believe that you will benefit from our approach to a divorce which is:


We take the time to genuinely listen to what our clients are going through.


We are committed to obtaining a favourable outcome for our clients based on the law and reasonableness. We always provide you with honest and reasonable advice.


We understand that you will have to interact with your ex-spouse for quite some time if you have children together. As a result, we keep this in mind when we are interacting with your spouse and/or your spouse’s lawyer so that unnecessary conflict is not created.


We will do everything we can to ensure that your legal fees are kept to a minimum. We do not do unnecessary work on files, we bill regularly so that you always know what your legal fees are and aren’t surprised by them, and offer cost-effective options such as limited scope representation so that you have options.

Let us help you through this

There are three types of divorces, and our firm can help you with each one:

Simple Divorce

Where one spouse files an uncontested divorce from divorce lawyers barrie, usually after terms relating to parenting, support and property have been dealt with in a court divorce order ontario/separation agreement. The cost of this with our firm is $1750.00 as a flat fee including HST and court fees.

Joint Divorce

Where both spouses jointly file for an uncontested divorce. The cost of this varies depending on what is included in the divorce. Please contact our office for a consultation to discuss.

Contested Divorce

Where the spouses do not agree on the terms of the separation such as parenting, support and property. The cost of this varies depending on what the issues are. Please contact our office and divorce lawyers Barrie for a consultation to discuss.

Our lawyers can help you to navigate the complexities of divorce law, whether you require a simple uncontested divorce or a more complicated morass of concerns including asset division and liabilities, child custody, parenting time/parenting orders, child support, spousal support, or business interests division. Our lawyers:

  • Collaborate with you to satisfy your requirements and address your issues.
  • Have extensive expertise in divorce law and family law, as well as common-law partnerships.
  • Diligently work to safeguard your rights.

When the circumstances and finances of the couple are straightforward, the divorce procedure is frequently also simple and may even be sped up.

An uncontested divorce is the most common type of divorce, and it consists of only a few documents. However, in most situations, the services of an experienced divorce lawyer Barrie will be required to safeguard your rights.

Many married couples have to deal with a variety of financial assets, including real estate, company shares, retirement savings, and joint accounts.

Debts also must be untangled and fairly apportioned.

It’s conceivable that you or one of you has a legal right to spousal support payments. This intricate arrangement certainly needs the assistance and expertise of a knowledgeable family law lawyer. Spousal support concerns are usually complicated, and they necessitate the skills of our legal staff.

When a couple has children, things get extremely complicated. In these situations, it is critical to establish custody (how decisions will be made), visitation agreements, and child support payments.

The amount of child support is determined by each party’s earnings as well as the number of children and how much time they spend with each parent.

The court may also take into account unique circumstances and deviate from the written instructions on rare occasions.

Child support generally ends when a child reaches the age of 18 unless they are unable to become independent due to physical or mental handicaps, or if they continue to go to school full-time.

We deal with child support on a daily basis. As a result, we can clarify your alternatives and responsibilities, as well as assist you in resolving this problem swiftly.

The aim in any divorce case is to end the marriage as inexpensively and painlessly as possible, while still protecting the interests of all parties concerned.

A knowledgeable divorce lawyers can help you make this transition go as smoothly, cost-effectively, and quickly as possible. Chapman McAlpine Family Lawyer in Barrie and divorce lawyers Barrie are familiar with the challenges you’ll face.

In the ideal scenario, both sides will be able to come to terms on all of their disputes in a peaceful manner. After that, they’ll just need the approval of a court to finalize their divorce.

If your divorce is more complicated, our divorce lawyers can assist you in understanding your legal rights and responsibilities. They will fight for you whether it’s during negotiations or a family court divorce case.

Divorce court may be costly and emotionally draining, therefore our lawyers will work to arrive at an amicable settlement out of the courtroom as much as possible. When it comes to divorce court or family court, we only proceed if absolutely necessary. We only take legal action when it is required.

Contested divorces are time-consuming and contentious. If your divorce must go to court, we will fiercely represent you in the proceedings. We’ll be on your side throughout the procedure, working hard to obtain the best possible results for you.

Our divorce lawyers Barrie are trusted and experienced in family law in its entirety. They are well-versed on all the nuances of a divorce, from asset and liability distribution to custody and parenting orders to child support and spousal support, thanks to their extensive experience.

We will do everything possible to obtain the highest feasible settlement or court order for you right now. If further changes to the divorce or custody arrangements are required in the future, we will be there for you.

We’ll go through all of the issues surrounding marital assets and debts, retirement assets, child custody/parenting time, and spousal support in a way that makes complex legal situations easy to understand. We take the mystery out of family law and divorce so you can get the best possible outcomes..

When there are significant assets, big liabilities, or spousal support issues to consider, you’ll need extra assistance and assistance to ensure that your interests are properly safeguarded.

When determining divorce, child support, and marital support orders, the courts consider a variety of factors. Our lawyers are well aware of all of these things and can help you get the most advantageous divorce settlement possible.

We’ll fight for you with our experienced and collaborative divorce lawyers Barrie, who will work to preserve your present and future well-being. The first step is to contact us to learn more about how we may assist you. We generally conduct consultations in person, although we are flexible regarding alternative modes of communication.