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The family lawyers at Chapman McAlpine are your road to resolution for all your family litigation needs. We are compassionate, solution focused, and committed to the art of family law.

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The issue of child custody and access are often the most important issues to be resolved in a family law case. “Custody” refers to who is going to make the major decisions regarding a child’s education, religious upbringing and medical issues. In a joint custodial situation, the parents make the decision together, whereas when one parent has sole custody that parent makes these decisions, while the other parent has access to information regarding the child.

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The Child Support Guidelines govern child support in Ontario. Child support refers to a monthly amount of support payable by one parent to the other parent for the support of a child (to assist with items such as food, clothing, housing costs, transportation costs, etc.), as well as add-on expenses known as special or extraordinary expenses, which are either ongoing or one-time expenses that are in addition to the monthly Guideline amount.

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The matrimonial home is given special treatment in the area of family law. A matrimonial home is the property that two married spouses lived in which, at the time of separation, a spouse had an interest in and was ordinarily occupied by the spouses as their family residence. Regardless of who owns the home (i.e., one spouse or both), the house cannot be sold or encumbered (e.g., a mortgage secured against the home) without both spouses’ consent.

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A Separation Agreement is a written Agreement dealing with all issues arising from the separation of two spouses who have lived together and/or are married. A Parenting Agreement is a written Agreement dealing with the parenting (custody, access, child support) issues involving parents who did not live together and who are not married but wish to have their parenting arrangements set out in a proper written agreement.

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The lawyers at Chapman McAlpine Law can help you understand and protect your rights and obligations regarding equalization. We can help you ensure that you have all of the disclosure you are entitled to from your spouse as well as ensure that you have provided full and proper financial disclosure to your spouse. We will analyze that disclosure for you and provide you with an opinion on your rights and obligations regarding equalization and help you resolve the issue with your spouse

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The vast majority of cases settle before the trial stage is reached. Trials and motions are unpredictable and complex.The lawyers at Chapman McAlpine Law have experience litigating in Court while making a good faith effort to resolve issues on a reasonable basis as early as possible in the court process.

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Divorce refers to the legal dissolution of a marriage. As a divorce lawyer in Barrie Ontario, we handle divorce-only cases on a competitive flat-fee basis. Obtaining a divorce is relatively straight forward if all of the other issues have been dealt with in a separation agreement (e.g., custody/access, support and property issues).

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We Offer Limited Scope Retainers.

Some people choose to represent themselves in a legal matter, believing they either do not need, or cannot afford, full service legal representation by a lawyer. Depending on your circumstances and the complexities of your legal matter, you may be able to hire us to assist you with only certain parts of your case. These specific “one-off” service(s) would be defined under a written agreement called a “Limited Scope Retainer” that clearly states what we will (and will not) do.

Helping You Reach Ideal Resolution Agreements.

There are various options in family law to resolve your case. The legal costs differ with each option as each option requires more or less involvement from your lawyer than the other options. Whichever option you choose your lawyer can assist you in finalizing your case with a court order or agreement.

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