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Obtaining a Divorce in Barrie can only be done through the Superior Court of Justice or Unified Family Court. A Divorce simply means the termination of the marriage. In Canada, spouses can obtain a divorce on one of the following grounds:

  1. The spouses have lived separate and apart for at least one year (most common ground);
  2. The spouse against whom the divorce is brought has (during the marriage):
    1. Committed adultery, or
    2. Treated the other spouse with physical or mental cruelty of such a kind as to render intolerable the continued cohabitation of the spouses.

A Divorce is separate from other issues in a separation/divorce such as support issues, custody/access, and property division, but the Divorce can be added to the litigation of those issues. One spouse can ask for a divorce or both spouses can apply for a joint divorce.

The Divorce, ideally, should be the final issue that is resolved after the spouses have entered into a proper Separation Agreement dealing with the other issues such as child support, spousal support parenting and equalization/property division, or the Divorce should be made part of the court case dealing with those issues. If you try to get a divorce before resolving these other issues:

  1. A court may deny the divorce if proper child support arrangements have not been made;
  2. If you are divorced, the family home may no longer be a matrimonial home and rights of possession and other rights may be lost;
  3. You could be decreasing the amount of time for you to resolve the issue of equalization (i.e. property division in a marriage) before your claims terminate due to a limitations issue (i.e., limitations mean you have run out of time to make your claim).

To obtain a Divorce only with one of our Divorce Lawyers, Chapman McAlpine Law charges a one-time flat fee of $1550.00 which includes court costs/fees and HST. Please contact us today if you would like us to represent you in your Divorce.


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