Blog: Pets


Written by Kara-Lynne Chapman On a warm September day, I ventured out to the woods at the Tiffin Conservation Centre for a walk. To keep my heart-rate elevated, I was listening to a true crime podcast while enjoying the peace and solitude the trees offered.  It was near the property line, with no one else in sight, that I ran into a wizard, cape and all.  Happily, it turns out that the wizard was simply part of a cos-play group that were enacting some sort of battle but I was…

What About the Pets?

Written by Kara-Lynne Chapman Pets are often viewed as members of the family. So what happens to these “fur babies” when a couple separates? Does one party get custody of the pet? Does the other have to pay support? No and no. As much as we love the animals we share our homes with, they are viewed as property under the law. There are no rights to access and no entitlements to support when it comes to pets. We look at who purchased the pet (the purchase documents can be…