Blog: Hiring a Lawyer

What to expect at a consultation

Written by Kara-Lynne Chapman We offer one-hour consultations at a reduced rate. These appointments are an opportunity for you to meet with one of our lawyers and receive guidance on the next steps to be taken towards a resolution. These meetings allow you to get a sense of whether you are comfortable with us and for us to determine whether yours is a matter that we can provide meaningful advice on. Rest assured, these consultations do not include a sales pitch and there is no obligation to sign a retainer…

Things to Consider in Hiring a Family Law Lawyer

Written By Allison R. McAlpine If you are going through a separation or divorce you are likely experiencing a wide range of emotions. Some clients feel embarrassed, ashamed, vulnerable, and scared when it comes to hiring a family law lawyer. These feelings are normal. A lot of clients have never met a lawyer before, so it is understandable that they would feel uneasy with the process. Additionally, most clients have never been through a separation or divorce before and do not know the processes involved and the road ahead of…