Blog: Hiring a Lawyer

Services for Clients who want to Represent Themselves

Hiring a lawyer to manage every aspect of your case can be expensive. We know.  That’s why we offer various services to assist clients who want to represent themselves in their case.  Whether it’s negotiating a separation agreement or helping you navigate the court process, we are here to help you obtain a favourable result in your case. Some of the services we offer to self-represented clients are as follows: Helping you prepare your court documents. Maybe you need help drafting a specific court document or a number of them….

Limited Scope Retainers – A Cost-Effective Alternative to Full Representation

The Problem Traditionally, a client retained a lawyer to handle every aspect of their file from beginning to end. This is the best way to be represented by a lawyer.  However, not everyone can afford this, which has resulted in many people representing themselves in Court or preparing unenforceable separation agreements. The Solution A solution to this problem is the “limited-scope retainer” or “LSR” which is an alternative to full-representation by a lawyer. A LSR is a service in which the client retains the lawyer to handle only part of…

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer: The Dangers of “Do It Yourself Family Law.”

Many individuals choose to represent themselves in a separation or divorce. Some examples are as follows: A party representing himself/herself in Family Court; Both parties unrepresented and draft a Separation Agreement amongst themselves; One party represented by a lawyer and the other party not obtaining Independent Legal Advice before signing a Separation Agreement. There are dangers in all of these options as follows: Self-Representation in Court – you are more likely to obtain a positive resolution if you hire a lawyer to represent you in Court or at least to…

What to expect at a consultation

We offer one-hour consultations at a reduced rate. These appointments are an opportunity for you to meet with one of our lawyers and receive guidance on the next steps to be taken towards a resolution. These meetings allow you to get a sense of whether you are comfortable with us and for us to determine whether yours is a matter that we can provide meaningful advice on. Rest assured, these consultations do not include a sales pitch and there is no obligation to sign a retainer at the end. Many…