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Amending Agreements

By Allison McAlpine If you have a Separation Agreement it is not meant to be an Agreement that lasts forever. Certain terms can be changed.  For example, parenting, child support, and spousal support can all be changed if there is a material change in circumstances of the parties.  If the two parties agree on the new terms then the parties can retain lawyers to prepare an Amending Agreement outlining the changes. An Amending Agreement is a separation agreement which changes the original separation agreement. It is usually a few pages…

The Romantic Side of Family Law – Prenups

Written by Kara-Lynne Chapman What comes to mind when you hear the word “prenup”? Do you think of wealthy people protecting their assets?  Do you think of a couple who are planning to fail?  Perhaps your first reaction is to think “that’s so unromantic”.  What if I told you that marriage contracts/cohabitation agreements (aka “prenups”) are actually quite romantic in nature and can help marriages survive and thrive?  Let me explain. Marriage is a contract and terminating that contract through separation and divorce has serious consequences. Many people who get…