Child Support – Overview of Special or Extraordinary Expenses (a.k.a. S. 7 expenses)

December 18, 2018

When people think of child support, they usually think about the regular monthly payment of child support based on the payor’s income and the number of children to which the support applies. In addition to this regular monthly payment, each parent is obligated to contribute to a child’s special or extraordinary expenses (also known as “add on expenses” or “s. 7 expenses”) under section 7 of the Child Support Guidelines. How much will each parent contribute? This is typically based on the income of each parent as a ratio of…

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Child Support Agreements – Basic Questions that the Parties Need to Answer

December 12, 2018

A Separation Agreement outlines the various obligations and rights that each party has in relation to all issues resulting from the breakdown of the relationship including child support. There are various issues that have to be worked out in a child support agreement which include the following: Determining the income to be used for each spouse. Who will pay monthly child support, a start date, and an amount?  When will child support stop? What age? After how many degrees/diplomas? How much will each parent pay towards a child’s special or…

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The Romantic Side of Family Law – Prenups

December 07, 2018

What comes to mind when you hear the word “prenup”? Do you think of wealthy people protecting their assets?  Do you think of a couple who are planning to fail?  Perhaps your first reaction is to think “that’s so unromantic”.  What if I told you that marriage contracts/cohabitation agreements (aka “prenups”) are actually quite romantic in nature and can help marriages survive and thrive?  Let me explain. Marriage is a contract and terminating that contract through separation and divorce has serious consequences. Many people who get married do so at…

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Services for Clients who want to Represent Themselves

December 03, 2018

Hiring a lawyer to manage every aspect of your case can be expensive. We know.  That’s why we offer various services to assist clients who want to represent themselves in their case.  Whether it’s negotiating a separation agreement or helping you navigate the court process, we are here to help you obtain a favourable result in your case. Some of the services we offer to self-represented clients are as follows: Helping you prepare your court documents. Maybe you need help drafting a specific court document or a number of them….

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